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Are you losing your hair?

The most common cause of hair loss is inheritance. Men and women inherit the gene for hair loss from either or both parents. Men are most commonly affected by the inherited gene as the hormone, testosterone, activates the genetic program causing loss of hair follicles. Currently there is no known method of stopping this type of hair loss. The age of onset, extent, and rate of hair loss vary from person to implant mexico

Severe illness, malnutrition, or vitamin deficiency can accelerate this process. When applied incorrectly, permanent hair color and chemical relaxers damage the hair and follicle to the extent that hair loss can be permanent. Causes of hair loss do not include wearing a hat, excessive shampooing, lack of blood flow, or clogged pores.

Does it really work?

Yes. The transplanted hair is removed from one area of the body (donor site) and transferred to another (recipient site). The transferred tissue is not "rejected" as it is not foreign tissue. The transplanted hair maintains it's own characteristics; color, texture, growth rate, and curl, after transplantation and regrowth. The vitality of the grafted follicle is maintained by the rich blood supply to the scalp. Originally, large circular grafts containing 15-20 hairs were transplanted resulting in noticeable and unnatural results.

We have found that hair grows from the scalp in groups of one, two, and three hair follicles. We transfer these groups of follicles after eliminating the excess surrounding fatty tissue. This allows the grafts to be placed closer together resulting in a denser and more natural implant tijuana

Cost of Hair Transplant?

Hair is a significant aspect of one’s presence and can implicate an array of feelings from depression to feeling inferior to others. One of the best routes available today is hair transplant Mexico. Many individuals shy away from hair restoration options, as it can be very costly.low cost

With advanced measures hair transplant at Reveert, hair transplant costs have fallen considerably. Hair transplant surgeries have gained significant popularity over the last few years thanks to the huge expenses involved in modern hair restoration procedures like Follicular Unit Extraction (FUE).

Coming from all over the US and throughout the world, patients are afforded a clean slate in Mexico. The consultation is free and the journey to a new you can begin today.

The average hair transplant costs in the US can be as much as $6-12 per graft. The comforting notion at Renovate Center is the hair transplant costs are dramatically lower, nearly 70% of the costs.

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